We know that in a lot of men’s minds, they’re the ultimate sexual stallion and have moves in the bedroom that would put Casanova to shame. In reality however, a lot of men aren’t quite the studs they think they are. While sex is one of the most natural and enjoyable processes in the world, being a master at it takes years of practice and a little insider knowledge. We want each and every one of our male readers to be the best lovers they can be, which is why we’re looking at 4 common sex mistakes that most men make, and at what you can do to avoid making them yourself.

Ignoring foreplay

For guys, foreplay is either loved, or loathed. And yes, believe it or not, but foreplay works both ways. Before you get down and dirty, make sure you take the time to enjoy a good 10 – 15 minutes of foreplay, and make sure your sexual partner is as much a recipient as yourself. If there’s one thing women hate, it’s a lack of foreplay. Though a lot of them may not admit it for fear of hurting their partner’s feelings, foreplay is actually preferred to sex by a lot of women. If you ignore foreplay, don’t be shocked if you find yourself being ignored shortly afterwards.

Being a selfish lover

It is a well-known fact that women are tougher to please sexually than men, which is even more reason to not be a selfish lover. When it comes to sexual activity, make sure you take the time to please your partner just as much as they are pleasing you, if not more. If they’re enjoying what you’re doing that will also earn you bonus points, so the likelihood of you getting laid again will therefore increase drastically. Basically, make sure you’re as much of a giver as you are a receiver, and take that however you like.

Bad hygiene

Okay, we aren’t going to get too graphic here, but we’re pretty-sure you know what sex and foreplay entails. You can therefore, surely appreciate why good hygiene is considered crucial when it comes to sex. Before sex, or the possibility of sex, make sure you shower or bathe, and that you shower or bathe well. Use soap and water on all parts of your body, though perhaps there are some parts you should focus on more than others. Always wear clean clothes, even if they hopefully won’t be on for very long, and always ensure everything is clean and fresh.

Not reading her reactions

We know that some women have been known to fake orgasms and excitement so as to not hurt their lover’s feelings, but if you’re a good judge of character and are good at reading body language etc, you should be able to know what’s working for her and what isn’t. If you do something and get what you perceive to be a positive reaction, it may be worth sticking with that for a while. If you get a poor reaction or no reaction, it might be best to try something new. Don’t be afraid to switch things up.