As far as your appearance goes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a little pride in your appearance and looking after yourself aesthetically and hygienically. As far as men’s health goes, a lot of experts out there are convinced that good hygiene is one of the many keys to a healthy and happy life. Good hygiene isn’t just something we should practice out of necessity, it should be something we practice to improve every aspect of our lives we can think of. Not only do we want to be clean and smell the part, we also need to look the part. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of essential grooming tips for guys.

Shower twice per day

It doesn’t matter how sedentary your day has been, or how clean you may feel, when it comes to bathing you should shower at least once per day. A lot of men like to shower in the morning to wake themselves up, whereas others prefer to shower right before bed. Ideally you will shower twice per day, once in the morning, and once at night just before getting into bed. Showering before bed means that your sheets stay cleaner and fresher for longer, as will you.


Wear clean underwear every day

Okay, we’re living in the 21st century now, which means that by now, we must surely have grasped the fact that there is no excuse for wearing the same underwear twice in a row without first washing it. We’re not going to tell you why it’s important to change your underwear regularly, because in all honesty you should know already. Take it from us however, if a girl you’re trying to impress finds out that you don’t change your underwear daily, there’s a good chance that once she leaves, you won’t be hearing back from her again.

Scrub those hard to reach areas

When in the shower, don’t do what a lot of men do which is to simply stand under the water and hope that it will rinse all of the sweat, dirt, and grime from their bodies because it won’t. To ensure you’re super-clean, and that you smell awesome in the process, use a sponge or shower poof, lather it up with shower gel, and scrub those hard to reach areas and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Clip your nails

For men, clipping the toenails is often a very boring and tedious job that a lot of us can do without. While you don’t need to clip them daily, many experts recommend that you clip them weekly to stay on top of things and to ensure that they don’t get too long. Long toenails look unsightly, plus there is always the risk of a longer toenail becoming ingrown, which will cause heaps of pain and discomfort. For best results, clip your nails after a warm bath or shower, as the water will have made the nails nice and soft.